Company Vision:

The Vision of our company is to be the most innovative supplier in the lighting industry;

Company Mission:

The Mission of our company is assisting our customers to achieve the greater success through innovation;

The Core Value Of Our Company:


Intergrity is the most important aspect in the business;We require our employee to be intergrity to our customers and we have the same requirements on our partners;


Communication is the most important skill in the business;Not only you express your ideas directly;but also you have to listen to anther ideas from your colleague and your customers patiently;


Innovation is the foundation for every company;encourage even small and little progress. Be good at learning and dare to ask questions. Innovation is the result of meeting the growing needs. Always prepare to innovate and keep pace with the market trends;


A person becomes more capable when they are placed together with others and together become more powerful.


Share your ideas,knowledges,information,experience and lessons with your colleague;