Found in 2015,Ningbo Langtao Lighting Co,.Ltd is the professional manufactuer and exporter of portable lighting products with over 7 years;Product includes:Led Flashlight,Led Work Light,Led Headlamp,Led Floodlight etc;Our products have been widely used for Automotive,DIY,Industrial,Camping,Fishing and Hunting etc;Before establishing the langtao lighting;Eric and Robin have been worked in the same factory of portable lighting products for more than 5 years;They soon realized that most of factories produce the same or similar portable lighting products;They quote the lower price to get the order;As we all know,you get what you pay for;That's why so many end-customers complain about the quality of products from China;But we think delivering the lowest price is the worst way to do business;Both of us do think the innovation is the core elements in the business;Since Ningbo Langtao was founded;we would like to spend the 10%-15% of sales volume on the product development every year;

     Besides the innovation,The quality is anther core element on the business;Ningbo Langtao spent a lot of money on the factory building; Until now,we are the shareholders of 2 companies;One is located in Ninghai Ningbo;anther one is located in Yuyao Ningbo;Both of them are with ISO9001 and BSCI certificated;One factory produces the led flashlight and led headlamp;Anther factory produces the led work light and led floodlight;In order to attracting the talented people,Ningbo Langtao has set up the R&D and Sales office in Yinzhou Ningbo;Ningbo Langtao is given special support from the Yinzhou Government;such as:law support and finance support etc;

     What do we think about the business ?The business is about that right people buy right products at right place with affordable price,not wrong products at the lowest price;As we all know,none can find the lowest price in the market;We can’t hire the smart people to serve our customers if we can't make the profits from the business;This business can't be existed if anyone can't get the profits from this business;We know the expansion of our customers is directly related with new products;So compared with lowest price,we perfer to delivering the innovative products at affordable price to our customer;

    Needs any portable lighting solution ? Pls feel free to conact with us;We have the experienced sales team and marketing team,giving you the professional support and suggestion;We are always standing behiend of you;The slogan of our company is your success is our success.